SPANSION Indirect 50% Pay Cut

Posted by Kris | Thursday, January 15, 2009 | | 5 comments »

Indirectly, SPANSION employees are receiving a whooping 50% pay cut!! The reason is that the employees are "asked" to take paid/unpaid leave for every 2 weeks in a single month which translates to a 50% cut if they don't have any annual leave left. Look at the stock chart above and you will know the how the current economic crisis is ravaging this company.

Spansion Inc. (Spansion) is a semiconductor device company engaged in designing, developing, manufacturing, marketing and selling Flash memory solutions. The Company's Flash memory is integrated into a range of electronic products, including mobile phones, consumer electronics, automotive electronics, networking and telecommunications equipment, and computer peripherals. Its Flash memory solutions are incorporated in products from original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), in each of these markets. Spansion's product portfolio is predominately based on not or (NOR) architecture, and ranges from 1 megabit to 2 gigabits with a breadth of interfaces and features. The majority of the Company's product designs use MirrorBit technology. Spansion's products have traditionally been designed to support code, or combined code and data storage applications. In March 2008, Spansion completed the acquisition of Saifun Semiconductors Ltd. More from Reuters »


  1. Anonymous // 9:56 AM  

    Dude...u might wanna reconfirm ur information on the 50% pay cut aka 2 weeks unpaid per month coz :

    1stly, spansion malaysia provide a 50% unpaid cost born by the company. Meaning if ur to take 1 day of unpaid leave, 50% of the unpaid will be bear by company. So 2 weeks of unpaid leave is actually 50% born by employee and another 50% by company. in other words, only 25% deduction for 2 weeks of unpaid leave in a month.

    2ndly, there is NO 2 weeks unpaid force leave per month.

    U might wanna recheck ur source and re-update it constantly. Else it's safer to stay away from things ur not sure kinda reducde the reliability of ur post. wouldnt want u to be a flogger now after all of the others hard word no?

  2. Kris // 7:28 PM  
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  3. Kris // 7:31 PM  

    Thanks for the feedback.

  4. ChampDog // 11:15 AM  

    lol,kena hantam ar? Most of my friends that I know of from Spansion has already left the company.

  5. Kris // 11:50 PM  


    This post is dated 2009 during the financial crisis. What made you to revisit it? Planning to join Spansion?

    I am not sure whether Spansion still has its presence in Malaysia.