NASDAQ Stood Still

Posted by Kris | Wednesday, January 14, 2009 | | 0 comments »

Right now, at the time of writing NASDAQ is standing still at +15 points while DJIA is hovering in and out around +-15 points.

Uncertainty are abound here, as many companies will release their earning reports within this month. I am not very sure whether the market has discounted all the bad pre-earning report releases such as from bellwheather INTEL, ALCOA, and so on.

It cannot be that bad right, if we expect a poor earnings to come out since we have been forewarned? Or the market is predicted an even worst earning?

Time will tell as either DJIA 0r NASDAQ will converge. Right now, it is around lunch time in the US.

Round 2 for the day will be the decider.