Happy New Year 2009!!

Posted by Kris | Thursday, January 01, 2009 | | 2 comments »

Happy New Year 2009!!

5 Things I did or happened in 2008.

-Started to trade actively in the US markets. Hit my 1st goal target for trading.
-Started to complete something that is bugging me even in my sleep
-Attended weddings of my best friends. Best of luck to them. :)
-Heavy job workload in 2008. 
-Lastly, did an amazing journey down south.

5 Things I hoped to see in 2009.

- Grow and MAINTAIN my trading account. Document more of my trading activities
- Divert some assets into good value property here.
- Learn more about various financial instrument aka having more free time to do some leisure readings which I love to do.
- Be happy always.Enjoy & Share the happiness.
- Grow this blog to have more readers that will hopefully give more constructive feedback on how to improve my trading performance, etc.


  1. confessions of a medical student // 1:01 AM  

    happy new year kris!
    may you achieve this year's resolution ^^

  2. Kris // 9:03 PM  

    Thanks ShinYin..I can hope can achieve it..that why i put up only 5 resolutions.. :P