DJIA At 9,000

Posted by Kris | Wednesday, January 07, 2009 | | 0 comments »

DJIA is rallying hard to break through convincingly the 9,000 barrier. It breached it once before in this rally. Can it do it again with the ever persistent bad news? Holiday seasons tend to make everyone in a joyous mood including stocks .

Rantings at is showing that everybody is quite optimistic with the upward direction DJIA is supposedly heading. Well, we just need to wait and enjoy the show for the year 2009.

Oil is up again just because of conflict between Israel & Palestine which gives the speculators a "good" reason to drive up the prices. 

January will also be the month where most company will report out their Q4 2008 earnings. Watch out!

Obama will be swearing in soon also and has announced a lot of tax cuts when he come into the White House.