All Smiles

Posted by Kris | Monday, January 12, 2009 | | 0 comments »

Here is another nice girl (she is a undergraduate at a state university)that I met during my trips to the US. She was so friendly that i was not shy to ask her what are her wages working in that restaurant. In US, it is "customary" to tip your server at least 10-15% of the total receipt. Failure to do so would make the smiley picture above almost IMPOSSIBLE :). Thus, i thought they make a lot of money by getting tips from the diners plus with their hourly pay. Boy, i am dead wrong. Their hourly pay is quite low around USD3-4 per hour which is supposely compensated with "generous" tips.  They are motivated to provide the best customer service money can buy which is the one of the things i like while i was in US. I bet most people don't like to pay a hefty price to enjoy good food while the servers look sulky and services you as though you have killed their beloved ones.