Mutual & Hedge Funds Imploding

Posted by Kris | Wednesday, October 29, 2008 | | 0 comments »

The next victims ( I stress the 'S' for many) of the current crisis will be likely mutual or hedge funds. We have not yet heard any BAD news from this sector other than the previously , quite long ago implosion of hedges funds managed by Bear Stern.

I bet someone (minority) is making alot alot of money from this financial crisis and MANY are going to lose their pants in this few weeks. Many funds are stuck holding stocks that are depreciating day by day. Just look at the major institutions owning DJIA blue chip stocks. How much of their assets are in these companies... If DJIA kaput, their losses are enormous.

My gut feeling is that the bottom is not forming at all at this trying times. We need institutional buying to sustain rallies not retailers who likely will be slaughtered in the 1st wave of bear attacks. Besides this, Malaysia is supposely "still reported to be immune" to the global crisis. Until our govt admits it, only then the bottom will start to form. 

Ignorance is the 1st step to denial!!!