7 x 4 = 28 years..Ripley Believe it Or Not!! Joseph's Cycle

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Introduced to this book by an experienced broker on 2006 during the bull market during an big investment expo. Hard to believe during that time that a bear market will commerced 2 years later, as the stock market just keep on rising even though there were several notable bad news like Yen carry trade unravelling, interest rate hikes, etc.

The think that caught me was the title of the book, Joseph's Cycle which relates to the biblical story of Joseph who was given a vision by GOD that there will be 7 years of good years and 7 years of drought/famine striking the land of Egypt. Because of God's gift of prophesying, Joseph was promoted to the 2nd right hand man of the Pharaoh. Unbelieavable huh, for a man that once was a lowly slave sold and betrayed by his own brothers. 

Thus, he stored harvest during the good years and managed to use this later on to control the lands of Egypt by exchanging the scarce food for lands/material wealth during the 7 year famine.

I actually read the entire book in 1-2 hours sitting at Borders,(i am a reading speed demon :P)  but unfortunately i did not  buy the book. Till this day, i still cannot find this book in the local Borders store even though i check out the financial corner every time i went in..LOL. It is registered as available in system but cannot find it physically...

Nevertheless, in short the book shows that historically the bull and bear market repeats itself every 7 years just like the story of Joseph. My friend is asking for the name of this book when I told her that in 2006 that the recession will come in 2008/early 2009 because the start of the bull market was 2001 according to this book. 2006 was the in the midst of a spectacular bull run year so what i stated during that time sounded like bull-shit.Honestly I am not a firm believer during that time also but nevertheless, it showed historical proof of each bull and bear market cycle.

NOTE THAT THIS BOOK WAS WRITTEN AROUND ~2003, if i am not mistaken when i read it in 2006!!!


Joseph Cycle Years

1959 Bottom

1967 Top

1973 Bottom

1980 Top

1987 Bottom

1994 Top

2001 Bottom

2008 Top

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