Triple Wammy!!

Posted by Kris | Monday, September 15, 2008 | | 0 comments »

Remember this guy!! Famous Game Show during the 90s

Wall Street has gone in berserk mode..Another Post Bear Stearn symptom. Bad hangover!

LehmanBros is now filling for bankruptcy.. Price = USD0.22!!! 
(The price of A curry puff)
AIG is down ~41% aka. Price = USD5.88
Merrill Lynch is being saved by Bank Of America Price = USD20
Bank of America..The bailer Price = USD28

I could not log into my US trading account..CBOE is having "technical" difficulties similar to Bursa!! What a coincidence!! Brokerage companies are starting to issue financial statement tonight on how sound the company is after these triple wammies.

Now is up to the so called PPP..aka Plunge Protection Team to save the day. Google for this word to find out more.