Joke of the Day!! Wachovia Trades at USD500!!

Posted by Kris | Monday, September 29, 2008 | | 3 comments »

Wachovia trading at USD500!! Bailout super successful..everyone forgets about the lousy economic conditions.


  1. Unknown // 11:22 PM  

    Interview representatives of Wachovia.
    Such details of the transaction are unlikely to have waited!
    all this... Personally, I do not like it

  2. snowroses // 8:00 PM  

    So have you made more money than you lost in investments?

  3. Kris // 10:14 PM  

    Still loss, Stargazer. :(

    Lost quite a lot in Unit trusts..Lol especially those exposed to China & Hong Kong switching all to capital guaranteed funds that invest in gold and commodities.