Gold On The Rise Again

Posted by Kris | Monday, September 22, 2008 | | 0 comments »

Gold is now rising admist DJIA's downtrend path. Although short selling is now banned, that does not stop the DJIA from failling. Hell, this is similar to KLCI where short selling is forever banned after the Asian Financial Crisis.

How do you stop a gashing wound with a bandaid?? :P

I am still waiting for the rumors of people keeping their money in their homes fearing that the banks will fail and they lose their money.

Remember, the saving deposits in our local Malaysian banks are insured for RM60K for each account. If you have more money than that, then better divide your money and deposit it in different banks.

Furthermore, i heard that even our insurance life policy premium is insured by Bank Negara. This is something to check it out..Just in case something similar to AIA fiasco in Singapore happens..Anyone can point me to the Bank Negara links mentioning this?