Full Steam Ahead.

Posted by Kris | Friday, September 26, 2008 | , | 0 comments »

I hate it when all the super duper big moves happened at night when I am asleep. A lot of the bank failures were announced during towards the end of the trading day. Nevertheless, because of the different time zone between here and the US, I am grateful that i don't need to hold a day job and also monitor the stock prices.  That would really be exhausting.

Stock trading is not as easy as i thought when i started this journey. It is tiring to the body and mind.Psychological at least..the struggle between greed and panic is very energy consuming. It is as though you are battling your own shadow. But the reward can be great though if you emerged as the victor.

The full blown recession/depression is coming soon as more banks failed like there no tomorrow. I need to remind myself to have some guts to collect shares when they are dirt cheap and when nobody dares to touch them at all. This is the only possible way that i can be a millionaire by 30+!!...LoL. I don't think it is possible with my current day job..(see post here)