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I saw this email being forwarded around. The picture above is Penang DELL in the Prai area.

Things don't look very good for the company , so does its stock price. They going to lay off people. DELL was supposed one of the most admired company to work for. They going to sell off their plant to subcontractors who in turn will be assemble the computers for DELL. This is really the trend for companies like Hewlett Packard, IBM , etc who produces consumer electronics for the mass population. This allows the company to concentrate their resources on design and R&D.

And the recession is not yet full-blown after the FEDs announced their proposed rescue plan and managed to keep DJIA above the 11,000 mark. 

I hope we don't see too much of this happening in Malaysia's so called Silicon Valley, else Malaysia will be in serious trouble in the future. The country to watch out in the 5-10 years is Vietnam.