1st Target Achieved ..Yeah!!

Posted by Kris | Thursday, September 04, 2008 | , , , | 0 comments »

Sakura from Naruto

The DJIA is very violatile this week. Big intraday swings. Good opportunities for option traders since violatility is high again after a few week of drought.

I hit my first target since i started trading the US market today!! :)

Note to myself: Never be complacent. Need to learn more until i can be an expert like Boon from http://www.bhcinvestment.com/ . Long way to go.

These few days have been a moment of weakness for the DJIA stocks since the start of the counter rally. My 1st target is achieved because of this.I observed that GOLD movement is not the inverse of the stock market as perceived by analyst and myself included. Usually, if GOLD went up, stocks will go down and vice versa. Sooner or later, a divergence will occur. Money have to be flowing to somewhere if it is not in stocks or GOLD. What else? Foreclosure Housing?