Chong Wei Loses Olympic Gold Chance & KLCI at 1084

Posted by Kris | Monday, August 18, 2008 | , | 0 comments »

Chong Wei lost his chance for the 1st Olympic Gold for Malaysia. Lin Dan completely dominated the playing field. At one point Lin Dan was super aggressive and confident with his playing style over the net. As though he was taunting Chong Wei to show his true colour. I guess Chong Wei was overwhelmed by the Chinese support over Lin Dan and also Lin Dan's superb performance. Nevertheless, Chong Wei get to claim RM300K for winning the silver medal and also a monthly stipend of RM3K!! really pays to be a good sportmen rather than a becoming a normal employee

Chong Wei looking very blur on the pic above :P but he is brave to admit that Lin Dan played a good game and a LOST is a LOST no matter what excuses he gave. Spoken like a true sportmen. Lin Dan is quite handsome actually.

Meanwhile the KLCI is still downtrending with no bottom on sight. Political uncertainty and also the collapse of commodity prices namely palm oil are the major contributor to its downfall. Now it is at 1084..more blood is expected in the coming weeks.