Economic Views - Crystal Balling

Posted by Kris | Saturday, July 12, 2008 | | 0 comments »

I would like to hear from various local blog writers on the current and future (1-2 years) economic view. These are the folks whom blogs that I read for a few years now (since the 2005 Bull market) and honestly respects their individual views. I used to read financial analyst's reports but i found them really either too bias or not useful at all. Their predictions always properly hedged or cleverly written to a win-win situation where either head or tails they are always correct!!

I still like 1-2 year economic/trend view as it helpful to do some serious short term money management. I will send out the request their respective blog and hopefully they take time and reply to a newbie like me. It is interesting to know what are their views and takes.

Stay tuned....:)