Beauty With Brains

Posted by Kris | Wednesday, December 26, 2007 | , | 0 comments »

Chess has always been stereotyped as a nerd's game. It has been mostly dominated by men particularly from Eastern Europe namely Russia. Chess is not as exciting like other physical sport such as football or rugby where every minute is a sheer adrenaline rush. The game requires heavy concentration,brute brain power and a match can take hours of dead silence. Thus, there is no wonder that a lot of people perceives chess grandmaster as men who wear thick spectacles and have strains of white hair at a young age, which in turn considered geeky and un-cool.

Well, what most people do not know is that women players are now on the rise to the top echelons of the chess world. And you will be dead wrong, if you think that a woman with brain will surely be without beauty. Take a look at these pics and you will agree with me.

These girls below can kick your a** in chess. The number beside the country of origin indicates their ELO ratings. A rating above 2000 can be considered as a very strong chess player at the professional level.

Elisabeth Pähtz (IM, GER, 2407)

Almira Skripchenko (IM, FRA, 2459)

Laoura Hachatrian

Anna Sharevich (WIM, BLR, 2274)
Claire Bodenez (FRA, 1987)

Sofya Zigangirova (WIM, KAZ, 2301)

Tatjana Plachkinova-Kogan ((WIM, BUL, 2182)

Natalija Pogonina (WGM, RUS, 2362)

And to top it off, there even a top ten earning super-model who is coincidentally the President of the Estonian Chess Federation. Meet Carmen Kass.

Now, it's not too late to learn chess, guys. But don't expect a day of playing chess on the computer guarantees that you can win against these gals. Chess training requires countless playing hours or even years to reach the professional level. But now at least you know that chess can be another avenue to know hot chicks..Beauty with brains :)