Free Rice Game - Fight World Hunger

Posted by Kris | Wednesday, November 14, 2007 | | 0 comments »

Someone forwarded this link to me-> . In this game you get to expand/test your vocabulary while indirectly doing charity. For every word that you managed to guess correctly its closest meaning, this website will donate 10 grains of rice to overcome world hunger through the United Nations. Don't worry if you got it wrong, as you still can continue the game without any penalty to the number of grain that you won.

By any means, this game is not easy as it looks. It churns out tougher and tougher words with each consecutive correct answers. The highest vocab level that i managed to achieve is 35. I never managed to hit that number again today, as the game will minus 1 point each time you wrongly answered an question.

Nevertheless, for today i managed to donate 1590 grains :) The game is very addictive and to be frank, some of the words "forced" me to make some good calculative guesses. Thus, it is suitable for all age group.

As of 13th Nov, players all over the world managed to donate a grand total of "1,712,371,750" grain. I wonder how many hungry mouths this number can feed. So what are you waiting for, go forward/spam this game to your friend in the name of charity and fun.