PLUS Takeover By Jelas Ulung Fails : 1st Joke of 2011

Posted by Kris | Monday, January 10, 2011 | | 2 comments »

This is really a joke. You want to buy something that is worth like RM26 Billion, but cannot afford to fork out a measly RM50 million???  Its like you walk into a BMW car dealer, all suit up. You said that you want to buy a BMW7 series, then when ahead to test drive the car, promised to the smiling sales person that you going to buy it and but cannot come out with a down-payment. 

Jelas Fails to Place Deposit for PLUS Takeover Offer
By Chan Tien Hin and Chong Pooi Koon - Jan 10, 2011 6:38 PM GMT+0800

Jelas Ulung Sdn., which made a 26 billion ringgit ($8.4 billion) takeover offer for PLUS Expressways Bhd. on Dec. 20, said it today failed to meet a deadline to place an initial 50 million-ringgit deposit requested by the Malaysian toll-road operator.

Tomorrow bound to be a bloody day for PLUS share and warrant holders, since JELAS is the one who offered the highest bid for PLUS.

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  1. kampunginvestor // 10:14 AM  

    Many more will come this year brother. You just wait and see but this is really a big joke lar! Can't even forked out 50 million want to talk about 26 billion? Fly kite better!

  2. Kris // 10:37 PM  

    Bolehland is a very comical land..even in the stock market.