Youtube Videos Mimicking Life

Posted by Kris | Sunday, October 20, 2013 | | 0 comments »

I seldom watch TVs nowadays as I am quite busy and pre-occupied. So what is the next best thing, you can guess it from the title. I watch youtube videos on my smartphone. 

Below video is called "She Has Boyfriend". I guess most guys can relate as surely you will encounter this at least once in your life. And this is a common tactics used by girls to say politely "NO" to a guy. This works by the girl finding a male BFF to pretend to be her bf. I think I am going to be the receiving end of the stick on this.

Then what will you do in this situation?

  • Will you wait and persist the pursue? How long will you WILLING to wait? Single target , single aim
  • Or just find a new target or even woo multiple targets at once. (P.S This is what most guys recommend to guys but based of female friend feedbacks, this shows that the guy person is crap material). What say you?? 

When it seems like every person you're into is already taken...

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